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Your Muse: Warren Worthington
Muse wanted: Man I'm gunna get so much flack for this buuuuuut Sinister
Community: sixwordstories
Fandom: Marvel X-men AU
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Preferably Comic canon, but I'll play movieverse, mostly Warren's AU, Kind of want him working with Sinister, if you want it to work in with Scott's verse I'm cool with that too. So far his canon which I'm still playing around with makes it so he won't switch back from being the horseman. But I'm totally open to plotting. I just want to play with a Dr. Essex
PB: open to anyone Would be amused if it fit in with redeyesummer's SPN cast maybe Kurt Fuller
Contact via: here, PM, or AIM: Notmannotelf.
Tags: [comics]: x-men, [movie]: x-men
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