Sherry Birkin (perfectedweapon) wrote in musemostwanted,
Sherry Birkin

Your Muse: Sherry Birkin (Also [personal profile] weaponmadeperfect and [personal profile] weaponmadeperfect)
Muse wanted: Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield, Albert Wesker, Alice Abernathy, RE Oc's? Kinda everyone?
Community: SWS, personal journals
Fandom: Resident Evil (Mixing Game and movie verse or gonna try maybe a com later if there's interest)
Canon: Heh, hm, close?
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Movie, game
PB: If possible, I don't care if game art's used or you pick a PB
Contact via: (PM, comment, ect) here aim notmannotelf

I kinda wanna do a fill gap type verse filling in what's going on after RE5 and on, so it may not stay canon.
Tags: [game]: resident evil, [movie]: resident evil
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