lily luna potter (fancyer) wrote in musemostwanted,
Your Muse: Lily Luna Potter (aged up version of fancilys)
Muse wanted: A best friend/mentor/potential crush type and fellow market trader.
Community: SWS
Fandom: Harry Potter
Canon: Very post-epilogue
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Book. Kinda.
PB: I have a few favourites but am more than happy to discuss. Females: Ashley Madekwe, Choi Jinri. Males: Max Irons, Tom Hughes. (Both the guys' icons are locked unfortunately, but membership is open for both comms.)
Contact via: Here or PM; either's fine.

I've had a few ideas about a character like this in my head for a bit but have resisted the urge to mmw until now, as I'm around to rp a bit more than I was. Bit of background: Lily recently decided she wasn't going to let her twenties be completely wasted and decided to start selling the clothes she makes at Camden Market on the weekends.

She started off completely clueless and surrounded by people who all knew what they were doing but the person running the stall next to her took pity on her and helped her with setting up, giving pointers, minding her things when she needed a tea break etc and she ended up helping him/her out in the same sorts of ways until yay, friendship! I'd rather leave their personality up to you but imagine they'd be very supportive and encourage her to pursue her interest in clothes making and her long term plan to go back into education to get the qualifications she needs for an apprenticeship (which, coincidentally, she hasn't really confided in anybody else about). I'm perfectly happy with or without added crushing (ngl I'm a huge sucker for the whole being in love with your bestie trope but I also love and appreciate developing platonic relationships) so it's really up to whoever hopefully picks the character up.

As for personality, gender, etc I want to leave that open, but don't mind discussing things and offering ideas! I also don't mind whether or not they're a witch/wizard or muggle - it's kind of unlikely them both being from the wizarding world but w/e it's roleplay fun and creates more opportunities for them to rp with more of the next gen cast we have bouncing around. Also wrt romantic possibilities, Lily's bi so either male or female is fine.
Tags: [book]: harry potter
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