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Feb. 25th, 2017

Your Muse: johanna allerdyce, rule!63 pyro
Muse wanted: gambit, victor creed, iceman, wolverine
Community: psl
Fandom: marvel x-men
Canon: movie/comic
Book, Movie, Game, Other: movie/comic
PB: ashley benson
Contact via: comment, pm or aim: istarkette

*comments are screened
Your Muse: Milo Vance (OC)
Muse(s) wanted: Basically all of the latte-slinging, (mostly) minimum-wage making, misfit original characters ever.
Community: Sixwords (for potentially underage characters), smutty, journals. Even if this were the greatest idea ever (it's not) I highly doubt there are enough people still using this website to warrant creating a specific community, but if the unthinkable happens I'm down to create one.
Fandom: Original, though inspired by quality television programs such as The Office and Superstore.
Canon: N/A
Book, Movie, Game, Other: N/A
PB: Whoever your heart desires. Age doesn't matter. (Unless you want to play a baby. They lack the necessary dexterity to make coffee.)
Contact via: This post will probably work best.

Okay, so, my go-to feel good series used to be The Office, and I've recently discovered that Superstore has taken its place now that it's no longer on. I said to myself, "Self, what is with your fondness for groups of arbitrary people having to suffer through the workday together?" and honestly, I don't know. It's just fun. Milo currently works as a barista at Déjà Brew, which is the name of an actual coffee shop in Long Beach that we're totally going to overlook. This one is in New York, as most things are.

I'm looking for Milo's co-workers, superiors, the owner of the whole damn establishment, whatever. Just a bunch of different characters that have to exist around each other for fifteen to forty hours a week whether they like it or not. The gossip, drama, hook-ups, and hilarity will all come naturally. However over-the-top or subtle, it's up to you. If you already have an OC that happens to work in a similar setting, that's cool too. Whether sixteen or sixty years old, it's all good. We'll pull a Tim Gunn and make it work.

Feb. 20th, 2017

Your Muse: Claire Bennet
Muse wanted: Friends, partners in crime, lovers?
Community: Either smuttysws or personal journals.
Fandom: Heroes with shades of Heroes Reborn, but I'm happy to crossover and blend with most fandoms.
Canon: Alternate canon? I'll explain below.
Book, Movie, Game, Other: TV Show.
PB: Whoever floats your boat.
Contact via: Comment this post or PM me!

Okay, so I'm gonna outline some stuff under the cut. Just be advised that there will be a lot of Heroes Reborn spoilers.

Read more...Collapse )

And, as always, I'm happy to discuss ideas even if they have nothing to do with what I've discussed here. Crossovers, OCs, whatever timeline or setting, I'm all for it! ♥

Feb. 20th, 2017

Your Muse: An OC, Jovi
Muse wanted: Another OC in the love-interest region.
Community: smuttysws
Fandom: Original!
Canon: N/A
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Original
PB: I'd love a Dev Patel (guess who just saw Lion?) but honestly, up to you, bro.
Contact via: Here would be great!

I haven't played with Jovi in forever but I miss her lots. She's an English professor. A nerd. She's got sass. But she's pretty lonely. I feel like I'm still voicetesting with her all these years later because she hasn't been around a whole lot but I'd like to change that.

As for the OC I'm searching for, it's really up to you. It could be another professor. A TA. God help us, her student. Her neighbor. Just someone that she connects to. We could work out details if you're at all interested.

Comment here! I'd love to hear from you!

Long term partners needed.

Hey guys! Let me start off with saying I really hope to find some great partners.

Characters I can play
•Female OC (ask for her bio. Her face claim is Marie Avgeropoulos)
•Tristan Duffy
•Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie FC)
•Eric Northman
•Alaric Saltzman
•Casey Rance (The Exorcist on fox)
•Damien Thorn (Bradley James from Damien on A&E)
•Dexter Morgan
•Lydia (From the rings)
•Jerry Dandridge (Fright night)

Characters I'm looking for
•Elijah Mikaelson (Preferably for my female OC)
•Alaric Saltzman (Preferably for my female OC but also open to Elijah or Damon. Deff gay ship if either of them)
•Eric Northman (for my female OC)
•Charley Brewster (For Jerry!)
•The Joker
•Damon Salvatore
•Donovan from Ahs
•Neal Caffrey
•Dexter Morgan
•The countess (ahs hotel)
•Any well written male OC (just give me his bio and I'll decide)
•Lucifer (from either the show or your own version. Not Spn. I don't like that show!)

I have kik, Skype, email (I really don't like email roleplay but if I have to), telegram and iMessage for roleplay.

I have no triggers and am perfectly fine with dark plots. I'm good with smut. Just be at least 18.

I write 3rd person, past tense and I ask that you do the same. As far as length, as long as you give me enough to reply to then I'm happy!

Can't wait to hear from you guys!

Kik- lexiemichellebvb
Skype- lexiemichelle367
Email- lexienewman@yahoo.com

Feb. 12th, 2017

Your Muse: River Tam

Muse wanted: Simon Tam, or any of the rest of the crew for my contemporary 'verse.

Community: smuttysws, PSLs


Canon: I have a contemporary 'verse going for her, where The Academy was a private school run by a cult for the purpose of turning the children into weapons. Though the authorities broke up the school and rescued the students, no one is quite sure what went on there. She was hospitalized for a time after Simon rescued her from the Academy, and I'm open to her meeting the rest of the crew however anyone wants to work it out?

I've also played a little bit of her time in the hospital, if that sort of setting interests anyone. I'd love a Simon especially to come visit her, or some friends for her to have (the latter being open to people from other canons)

Book, Movie, Game, Other: TV/Movie

PB: Canon PBs for canon characters.

Contact via: Here would be great!
Your Muse: Godric
Muse wanted: TB muses (Eric n' Sookie particular-like). Others. OCs. Idk.
Community: DW, ssws, journals
Fandom: True Blood
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Teevee
PB: Open
Contact via: Comment or PM

Godric always needs people to bore with his senile stories of sad shit that happened before they were born.

With the right chemistry, he always needs new friends, lovers, enemies, frenemies, people to compare boss ass tattoos with. When he really connects with people, he is a very different creature, and there's a lot of room for CR in that ( it also makes him like 500% less suicidal, which is cool ). He is a difficult nut to crack, but I would like to see him assist with someone else's development as a character. I want more gritty sandboxes to play in. He's on DW as piric.

Feb. 2nd, 2017

Your Muse: Magnus (OC)
Muse wanted: World-building muses. His wife/girlfriend, colleagues, clients, others.
Community: PSLs, SSWS, possibly bakerstreet
Fandom: Original (Charlie Countryman-inspired)
Book, Movie, Game, Other: N/A
PB: Open to options!
Contact via: Comment or PM.

Update: the original wife/girlfriend character,
ich_mochte, has returned! That does not mean I won't negotiate other PSLs around the idea, but she's the core character if you want to be a part of a multi-character verse.

Magnus was originally created as a part of a PSL we were unable to finish - I'd like to expand him from that general idea. He's a career member of a European cartel, and a pretty selfish, sociopathic person. While it's certainly not the only plot device, his reason for traveling is pursuing his fleeing ex, a probably much younger woman who was either tangled with the cartel or was at least aware of his activities and tolerated them. His immediate concern is not winning her back, but dragging her back or killing her - theirs is not a fluff story. She could have left him for someone else, or just to get away from the totalitarian lifestyle - that's up to the mun.

He's pretty friendly (if untrusting) when he's not trying to murder you, so there's world to build on. He's also a shameless perpetuator of drugs, guns, and trafficking, so there's room to interact with fellow crime elements, victims and customers.

Open to suggestions!
Literate and English partner needed. I have an OC female that needs an Elijah Mikaelson for the idea that I want to do. I have five years roleplay experience and will happily give you my OC bio if you're interested.

This will be a blood slave plot and we can discuss details. Must be okay with dark plots and or triggers if it happens.

I have kik, Skype, Facebook messenger, iMessage and email.

If you're interested please kik me at lexiemichellebvb or email me at lexienewman@yahoo.com

Please have knowledge on Elijah at least or have played him before! I am of age and this plot will contain smut so I ask you be of age as well. Thank you!

Jan. 27th, 2017

Your Muse: This lady here, Joy Sterling.
Muse wanted: Anyone, really. Friends, lovers... family?
Community: SWS, smuttySWS, journals.
Fandom: Original.
Canon: She could fit in with most canons, I think.
Book, Movie, Game, Other: N/A.
PB: Whoever floats your boat, but I'd prefer live action to animated.
Contact via: Comment this post, preferably, but I'm happy to plot via PM as well!

I've had this chick in my head for a while, and I finally pulled the trigger on setting her up at a journal. I'm still fleshing out her backstory, so bear with me while I get that stuff established.
The only things I have in mind as far as plots go are:

1) Client she hooks up with and maybe there are feelings there.
2) Fellow laywer, maybe a fellow at a firm. Some kinda skinny love or unrequited thing.
3) Former lover finds their way into her life again for better or for worse.

Just a few things off the top of my head - and if you have ideas I'd love to hear them!

Your Muse: Tamatoa

Muse wanted: More human disney folk! (Cries pumbaa come back to me :( ) Would love a Maui for teasing purposes, but literally anyone and everyone!

Community: sixwordstories, smuttysws, PSLs. Our own comm if people get into it?

Fandom: Disney (and can also be extended to Don Bluth and/or Dreamworks, why not)

Canon: So I know this has been done a million times but I thought I'd see if I could get any interest going again! Because Disney rocks.

Book, Movie, Game, Other: Movies

PB: Human PBs, please! And if you're playing a non-white character, please pick a race appropriate PB! (I feel like Dwayne Johnson for Maui is a given, though)

Contact via: Here is great!

Final Fantasy VII or Final Fantasy XV!

Your Muse: Brezia Soter
Muse wanted: Mainly Rufus Shinra, Genesis Rhapsodos, or Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII. Also, Ardyn Izunia, Ravus Nox Fleuret, Titus Drautos, Ignis Scientia, Nyx Ulric from Final Fantasy XV. However, other muses from VII or XV are definitely welcome!
Community: Any that allow Canon-based OCs!
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII or XV!
Canon: Final Fantasy VII
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Video Game
PB: OC art!
Contact via: PMs, Comments, or Skype: datweapon!

Jan. 20th, 2017

Your Muse: Natalie Ryder (She is an OC)
Muse wanted: Her male handler(in the escort service), male love interest, friends etc.
Community: Personal journals, ssws, sws and over on DW as well.
Fandom: No fandom for my character, but open to any other characters fandom verses.
Canon: n/a
Book, Movie, Game, Other: n/a.
PB: Anyone you'd like for friends and the handler. Open to suggestions for any love interests.
Contact via: Comment or PM here.

Details found here.Collapse )

Tolkien anyone?

Your Muse: Lothíriel
Muse wanted: Éomer, Éowyn, Maethor (OC), Faramir, any of her family, anyone who would know/meet her.
Community: N/A.
Fandom: Tolkien.
Canon: Loth is. I am open to playing against canon or OC.
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Movie knowledge works. Books, too. I prefer to follow the Tolkien canon closely, though.
PB: I use Katie McGrath.
Contact via: Comment or PM here. Either one works for me.


Your Muse: Nessavendë
Muse wanted: Anyone who ranges from The Two Trees to the Third Age.
Community: N/A.
Fandom: Tolkien.
Canon: Nessa is an OC. I am game with interacting with canon or OC characters.
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Movie knowledge works. Books, too. I prefer to follow the Tolkien canon closely, though.
PB: I use Luca Hollesetelle.
Contact via: Comment or PM here. Either one works for me.
Your Muse: Armitage Hux
Muse wanted: Kylo Ren, Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, SW peeps
Community: ssws & journals
Fandom: Star Wars
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Film
Contact via: Here or message

Hux doesn't play nicely with others, but all the more fun to it! I do not ship Kylo and Hux, but I love their antagonistic, two sides of an Imperial death-coin dynamic. I also would love for him to meet the main crew.

Long live the First Order, etc. etc.
Your Muse: Cassian Andor
Muse wanted: Jyn Erso, K2SO, Bodhi Rook, Star Wars universe
Community: ssws, journals, & DW
Fandom: Rogue One
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Film
Contact via: Here or message

Open to AUs on that crushing ending, or pre-event storylines.
Your Muse: Credence Barebone
Muse wanted: HP/Fantastic Beasts, open to OCs
Community: ssws, journals
Fandom: Fantastic Beasts
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Film
Contact via: Here or message

It's been confirmed that Credence is still lurking somewhere out in the wide world. I'm open to canon and non-canon muses, magical and non-magical, as he contends with his puritanical-obscurus entanglement.
Your Muse: Thomas Mackenzie Byrnes
Muse wanted: friends, business partners, adversary turned lover, lover turned adversary, clients etc.
Community: SSWS, SWS & personal journals.
Fandom: n/a
Canon: n/a
Book, Movie, Game, Other: n/a
PB: I'm not fussed.
Contact via: as above!
(PM, comment, ect)

Thomas has a long history of thuggish behaviours. Ever since he can remember he has been breaking the law and benefiting from it. He has worked his way up through the ranks of gangs and then organized crime. He is a liar, a thief, a violent criminal and standover man. A drug dealing low life who could kill you without blinking, but if you're his mate or his over he is fiercely loyal and would protect you with his life.

Life is never simple and it's never boring with this riddle trapped in an enigma.
Your Muse: Joan Watson
Muse wanted: Sherlock Holmes
Community: memes or PSL
Fandom: Elementary
Canon: OU or AU
Book, Movie, Game, Other: TV
Contact via: comment or message

Full disclosure: Oh man, do I ship them. I'm okay doing gen with the relationship they have in the current canon, but I'd love to find someone to be the -lock to my Joan-.
Your Muse: This gal!
Muse wanted: Love interest - either the soul she's charged with protecting, or the demon that's tasked with stealing the soul of her charge.
Community: smuttysws or my community, bettrthandreams. I also play on dreamwidth.
Fandom: N/A
Canon: N/A
Book, Movie, Game, Other: N/A
PB: Let's discuss!
Contact via:
(PM, comment, ect)
Here, PM, AIM, Plurk

I have two ideas for my sweet, shy, clumsy guardian angel!

The first idea is that I'd like her to develop a bond with the person that she's sent to watch over, which eventually turns into love. Bonus points if they have a meet-cute moment because she's clumsy and makes it impossible not to notice her. Or ... save her from certain disaster.

The second idea is that she's tasked with protecting a soul from a demon that's been tasked with stealing it. A very adversarial relationship full of traded barbs and an uneasy give and take has plenty of room to grow from there. Secret / doomed romance is totally my jam.

[As always, here are my muses and my wanted plots & partners. If anyone/thing strikes your fancy, just let me know!]
Your Muse: James Sinclair
Muse wanted: see below
Community: journals
Book, Movie, Game, Other:
PB: I'm good with whoever
Contact via: PM

So, I'm thinking I'd like to do a reincarnated lovers type of AU for James. The whole thing would be grounded in modern day and we could do flashback scenes, etc and decide how far back it all goes plus other details. Feel free to craft your muse as you like in terms of personality and modern day background.

Nov. 30th, 2016

Your Muse: Jo March
Muse wanted: A love interest of the professorial type.
Community: SWS mostly. Personals possibly.
Fandom: Little Women
Canon: Canon or AU acceptable.
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Movie, Book, Musical, Original?
PB: It's your muse! Whoever you like!
Contact via: Comment or PM.

I'd love for Jo to have a Professor Bhaer OR simply someone of that type — someone smart and kind and gentle. Professor Bhaer is German but your muse, if it's just a professor, could literally be anyone.

Jo's a student at NYU. I'd like them to have a close, confidential relationship. They're attracted to each other but also just kind and protective of each other.

Let me know your thoughts!
Your Muse: Hatter
Muse wanted: Alice, Charlie, any canonmates
Community: sws, journals
Fandom: Syfy's Alice
Canon: Open to both canon and AU
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Movie
PB: Andrew Lee Potts
Contact via: Comments, PMs.

It's been years since this came out, and years since I've written this muse, but he hasn't exactly shut up and I definitely miss writing him so I figured what the hey.
Your Muse: Dr. Angela "Mercy" Ziegler (I haven't made a journal yet.)
Muse wanted: Anyone from canon, crossovers welcome too!
Community: Anywhere, really.
Fandom: Overwatch!
Canon or AU: I'm cool with either.
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Video game/comics/animated shorts.
PB: Totally up to you!
Contact via: Comments preferably, but PMs are cool.

I don't really have any specific plots in mind, except maybe to follow what is known about Mercy in the current Overwatch canon. She's traveling to war-torn places as a medic and surgeon - this is a concept that is pretty easily applicable across fandoms, so I'm totally down with crossovers if there is any interest.

Like I said, I haven't made the journal. BUT I do have a live-action PB picked out. Some characters are probably harder to cast than others, I'm sure. I'm happy to try and find game/art icons for Mercy should that be more convenient for potential RPs. Blizzard is slowly expanding the lore and I'm trying to go by what is known while making up headcanon where I feel I gotta fill stuff in.

I'm just really hoping there are other people who might want to write in this setting because I'm kind of obsessed. ^_^
Your Muse: Amy Santiago
Muse wanted: any canon mates
Community: sixwordstories, PSLs
Fandom: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Canon or AU: Canon, but not averse to AU
Medium: TV
Contact via: Comments or messages

Up for pretty much anything, really.

Nov. 5th, 2016

Your Muse: Cat Grant
Muse wanted: Kara (I ship it both friend/mentor wise and romantic wise so I'm down with writing either), Carter, honestly anyone would be cool
Community: Sixwordstories, Baker Street, etc
Fandom: Supergirl
Canon or AU: Either, both, I'm not picky.
Medium: TV show.
Contact via: Comments or messages
Your Muse: Nate Heywood
Muse wanted: Legends Of Tomorrow castmates would be great as would anyone else from the Arrow/Flash/Legends/Supergirl verse. Anyone else who could fit would be good too :)
Community: Smuttysws & PSLs at the moment but open to suggestions.
Fandom: Arrow/Flash/Legends Of Tomorrow/Supergirl.
Canon: Nick can be played at any point in his canon, before it, alternative canon or pretty much anything.
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Television Series.
PB: Canon pbs for canon characters. No animated pbs please.
Contact via: PM or comment.
Your Muse: Radu 386
Muse wanted: Any and all canonmates, and anyone from a canon involving space travel--especially Star Trek, as that's what I'm most familiar with. (And let's be real, Space Cases was just the Muppet Babies version of Voyager anyway.)
Community: Journals, SWS (preferably journals.)
Fandom: Space Cases, Star Trek, other sci-fi canons as mentioned above.
Canon or AU: I'm completely game for either! I love the idea of doing a grown-up post-Christa RP, or a pre-Christa Starcademy thing, or any kind of AU, but canon is fantastic as well.
Medium: Long-cancelled TV show.
Contact via: This post or PM.

Really, I'm just looking for anyone who loved this show as a kid like I did, and might like to explore all the awesome potential it had in a way that a children's show couldn't really go into in depth. The setting was great, the characters were really well-drawn, and I love the idea of playing around with all the politics and history of it and coming up with more adventures.

And of course, there's really unlimited crossover potential with other sci-fi canons. There's a way to make just about anything work. If the Christa could land on your character's planet, or your character could wind up on board it somehow, we're golden.

Anybody want to hop aboard the Nickelodeon nostalgia ship with me?
Your Muse: Maddie Graham
Muse wanted: TA / love interest
Community: Mostly smuttysws, or my musebox, bettrthandreams. I also play on dw.
Fandom: N/A
Canon: N/A
Book, Movie, Game, Other: N/A
PB: Anton Yelchin (I love him so much :0()
Contact via:
(PM, comment, ect)
Here, or PM.

I really want to get into playing my shy little photographer more often. Maddie is looking for an assistant photography teacher / TA who she's had a crush on for years. Now that she's not in any of the classes he assists in, she wants to attempt to turn a slightly awkward friendship into something better.

[As always, my muse list and wanted plots & partners for your perusal.]
Your Muse: Prince Nikolai Andréevich.
Muse wanted: Anyone at all. Particularly lovers of the female persuasion.
Community: Smutty, perhaps personal journals.
Fandom: He's from War & Peace and the musical Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 but my version of him takes place post-musical so fandom is irrelevant really.
Canon: Nope.
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Book, musical.
PB: Whoever you like.
Contact via: Comment here per favore.

Potential spoilers below for anyone interested in the musical/book!

Prince Nikolai, or Andrey as he's known, was in love with a beautiful and charming woman named Natasha. But when he goes off to fight a war that's far more rigorous than he anticipated, he finds it harder to write letters to his beautiful fiancée than he initially planned.

But he returns to her. He fights so that he can return to the woman he loves. Only problem is, he returns not only to her but to rumors that she had attempted to elope with someone else in his absence.

Devastated and feeling quite cold as a result, he ends their relationship and tries to move on.

I'd like someone for Andrey. I think there's a lot of room to play around here. It could be someone kind and patient or it could be someone equally cold and heartbroken. They can look however you like. I'd just really like some partners for him and I'm very open to all ideas.



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